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For Sale

1945 Lincoln Capri, Coupe, Sold
  • Power Steering

  • Power brakes

  • Power windows - these are electric not hydraulic and work perfectly

  • Power 4 way seats – these are real leather, please note the fronts seat will need some work but the back seats are beautiful

  • Clock – still works

  • Radio – amazingly it still picks up our local radio station!

  • Power aerial – I’ve not got this to work yet?

More detail upon request.


We are asking $27,500 ono.

1916 Cole, V8 Coupe, this beautiful coupe just completed the 2014 Grizzly Bear Tour in central California, including climbing form 500ft to 5600ft in less than 10 miles, very comfortable to drive sits on the road very nicely. It is what the sale literature called a "Tourcoupe" which means that the window were fully removable so it was like a tourer, or you could have it as a fully enclosed car for brisker weather, something we used when climbing the "grape vine" on Interstate 5 from LA to Bakersfield. $65,000


1909 Buick Model F, This Buick was purchased as a basket case at Bakersfield swap last year, it is about 80% complete with all of the major stuff there. 16,500 ono.

1908 Buick Model F, This Buick was purchased as a restoration project, very original body I've sand blasted the frame springs front and rear ends and put 4 new firestone 30 x 3 1/2" tyres on the Goodyear quick detachable rims, it is about 95% complete with all of the major stuff there. 34,500 ono.


Sold 1908 Black Model 15, This is a 12hp Black and was given a touch up in the 60’s which unfortunately included a set of T model Wheels, however did include a engine and Transmission re-build. I have now fitted a set of correct set of 38” wheels, and tyres and brought the original body back to its correct state. I also have a top that will need new bows go with this unusual High Wheeler. $24,000

 1909 Cadillac Speedster, This is a good basis for a fast veteran, many parts already sand blasted and ready for restoration, original bucket style seats, speedster cowl, and monocle windscreen $26,000

1926 Cadillac Custom Coupe. This model was introduced on the 1st January 1926, so mid season and the style was discontinued after the 1927 model year. Style #6088 with body #179 there are not many examples of this style that survive today. Sitting on its 138 inch wheel base this is a big impressive 4 passenger coupe. 36,000 miles on this rare car which has been squirreled away for the last 50 years having slow restoration work completed by 2 owners in that time. This is a good semi restored project, mechanically restored from the radiator through to its new brakes and tyres only needs some carbie & distributor work completed to get it running. The Body is solid and rust free, new wood was installed many years ago, guards/fenders will  need some work, new running board and the original tool boxes are there. Some of the bright work has already been nickeled. Car comes with components required to convert it to RHD if required. A wonderful fairly easy project of a rare car $42,000



1938 Chev Tourer, one of the rarest Chev's in the world, olny 4 known to exist. This body style was only produced by Holden in Australia and very few of the 1938's were produced, it was Holden's last year for the Tourer. It is virtually the same as our 1937 Tourer which can be viewed on the "about us" page but in its un-restored condition, believe it or not our was in much worse condition when we first started it! Very rare car saved from being hot rodded, in needs of total restoration, $8,000

1918 Cadillac 7 passenger Sedan, this rare aluminium boded factory sedan is a very complete car in need of a full restoration, complete with it original V8 and correct wheels, this is a very good project for veteran motoring or running with the "big boys" on vintage tours. $26,000 o.n.o.


1909 Cadillac Touring, this early Cadillac model 30 is one of the more desirable early 4 cylinder Cadillac's with it copper water jacket 5 litre 4 cylinder 3 speed transmission and large 2 wheel brakes these are great touring cars and well sort after. This older restoration needs a little TLC but will make a great touring car. $75,500 ono.


Coming soon

1910 Buick Model 14.

This fresh restoration has never been started, it requires pin striping and some very minor finishing touches, before you are on the road! With a 3 speed transmission and dual chain drive it is set for motoring with all veterans or a wonderful 1 & 2 cylinder vehicle. Asking $45,000


1910 IHC Mountain Wagon

This beautiful IHC is a older restoration with very few miles of actual use. It is the very unusual 11 passenger Mountain wagon commonly used in the National Parkes of the higher states such as Colorado  Asking $49,000


1912 EMF

This is a 95% complete car including the original body but was disassembled for restoration many years ago. Big job but at least you don’t have to chase stuff all over the country side! Asking $21,000

1946 Chev Standard Utility This car belongs to a good friend of mine, he has far too many project and need to off load a few,. These Australian Utes are getting very hard to find and were not produced in the USA he is asking $3000


Parts - Cadillac

1903-04 model A & B

          Firewall ends - $250 pair


Brass rail bracket for rear tub - $300 set

1909 Cadillac Model 30 parts

          Speedo - Standard Thermometer "Made for Cadillac" $500



Radiator cap Bakelite Cadillac script $500

          Demi / roadster cowl (reproduction)


Set Demi / roadster fenders (reproduction)
Touring Car Frame
Touring Car guards (fenders)

1909 and 1910 Cadillac head pressure tested, $10001909_and_10_Cadillac_tested_head_21909_and_10_Cadillac_tested_head_1

1910 Cadillac
Model 30 parts

Demi / roadster cowl (reproduction)

Set Demi / roadster fenders (reproduction)
Touring Car frame &100
Touring car Steering column $300
Gearbox $2000

Radiator cap Bakelite Cadillac script - $500

Motor $4000 Sold


1910 Cadillac cylinders complete, $1200 Sold1910Cadillac_cylinder_complete_11910_Cadillac_cylinder_complete_2

1911 Cadillac Model 30 parts

Set Demi / Roadster fenders in need of restoration.
4 pistons & conrods

1912 Cadillac Model 30 parts

Motor lower end, sump, crank case, crank shaft, cam.

Timing gear cover $250


Water inlet pipes, $500


Steering box touring car

Roadster steering column firewall mount $100

Tail light Grey & Davis made for Cadillac


Speedo - Standard Thermometer "Made for Cadillac" with bakelight cap for wires but no hood for light.


1913/14 Cadillac parts

Front axle with stub axles

Tail lights


rear fenders

front fenders (touring)

          1934 La Salle
Model 350 parts

Pair running boards


1935 La Salle Model 350 parts

Pair 6 wheel equipped front fenders, Good Condition


Parts - Chevrolet

1937 Chev (Holden bodied) parts


Running boards (in need of restoration)

Sedan doors various conditions

Boot lids

Accessory side lights pair

Banjo Steering wheels 

Boot badge

Gear box

Parts - Brass era


Grade Meter, Garvin grade meter 0 - 35% show the grade you are driving on up and down the hills, grade meters are very hard to find and this is a rare one, circa 1910 - 1915 patent applied for (no date) Garvin Manufacturing company Buena Park California. $800


Phinney Walker rim wind clock, this nickel dash mount clock is last patterned Nov 28th 1911 it does run but interminably so will need a service by a good clock guy, face is clear but could do with a good clean (see the clock guy) comes with the difficult to find based mount & set screw and the case cap screw $500


4 point drip oiler (no brand) circa 1900 - 1905, brass and cast iron construction, 10 wide, 4 1/2" cylinder with glass oil level viewer in on end, adjustable drip rate and glass sight at base, $600


McCord 4 point mechanical oiler, model B patn. 1906 -10, ratchet drive, $800


Lavigne Oiler

             This is an excellent condition Lavigne drip oiler, 5 port. This was on our Thomas until I found the correct oiler a few years back, $1,200




Pair of 7 1/2" head lights, very nice condition with the backs narrowing back to 6" yolk for mounting $1000



Pair Dietz Head lights 6” fork Mount $1200 pair (Nice condition
for Driver need very little work for Concourse)



Pair Atwood #7 Headlights
8 ½ yolk all brass (Nice condition for
Driver needs some work for Concourse)



Solar #1005 Tail light
spade mount, kerosene burning 10” tall $650



C.A.V. Divers helmet tail light. VGC, $800


Dependence tail light, made by J & R Oldfeild Birmingham London this is a very interesting  tail light with the clear side glass pointing back at 45deg. $550


H and B self Generating head light, this circa 1900 - 1907 self generator has a number of dints and needs so TLC but dose ne suffer fatige crakes or any major damage $1800

Spitdorff single cylinder coil box with switch & Key, Bat & Mag type $350






K W 2 cylinder coil box, will need some refurbished Model T coils but a nice box with the correct internals, $200


Rubes double twist large all brass horn, 7 1/2" bell with bulb and extension, nice sharp note, very good condition $650


Kellogg's 4 cylinder air compressor
circa 1910, these were popular on the big America Cars and gear driven, $400 ono


Stewart Speedo Gear
(for the wheel) 16 teeth, 8 pitch, 6 1/4" dia, (#31260) $80


Solar acetylene generator 15" high, 6" base, complete with basket VGC, $1150



Desmo double twist horn, VGC, $475


Desmo straight through firewall horn VGC $350


Desmo Horn with 4’ extension and new bulb, great condition $650

Rim spreader, 3 to chose from all sandblasted, undercoated, top coasted and lubricated, $125ea


Airmore 4 tube exaust whistle, longest tube 13" shortest tube 7" very nice condition $300

Armore Exhaust Whistle $350


4 tube flat exhaust or steam whistle, very nice flat tube longest tube 8" shortest 4", very sharp note $400


Baby Boa Constrictor Horn, 2 3/4" mouth with correct mounting bracket, 3ft tapered tubes with 2t straight tube extension new bulb, $1150


Boa Constrictor Horn, 8" round bell 5ft tapered tube, with mounting bracket, plated. New bulb, $2200 ono. Sold Going to Canada


E & J all Brass tail light $700 SOLD now on a nice 1913 T Model


Buick Brass radiator cap thread dia 2 ¼” $60

Star 50 mph Speedo 3 1/2” face circa 1905 to 1910, 45° angle mount $300 Sold, now measuring the speed on a 1909 Buick


Carbide Generator 12” high, 6” base, complete with both baskets, mounting bolts, very nice condition small generator $1,150 SOLD



Pair of veteran touring car side baskets These lovely baskets are original circa 1900 - 06 and are in good original condition $2000 pair


Rayfeild Carburettors, One a 1 1/2" throat G# Model which looks to have been restored $850,


The 2nd is a 1 13/16" throat Model L2E $500






Thomas Flyer 1904 through 1909 any model, any condition. Also any literature, photos or information


Rambler, Maytag, Fuller, Glide or any other unusual "2 banger" 1900 through 1910. 2 cylinder horizontally opposed for restoration or would consider older restoration.  Also any literature, photos or information


Car Parts


E R Thomas 1902 / 03model 17 or 18 parts literature, photos or information


La Salle 1934 model 350 parts, tail light lenses and literature, photos or information

1887 - 1904 Haynes Apperson
, parts & literature

            1905 Glide 2 cylinder parts & literature

            1915 Chevrolet baby Grand, parts & literature

           1905 - 08 Cadillac 4 cylinder - models D (1905) H & L (1906-1908) & Model G (1907- 08) parts & literature


Old Auto accessories



Warner Auto Meter Coke Bottle style 60mph, with trip meter & drive gear, any condition.

           Warner Auto Meter tacko meter 3000 rpm & drive gear, any condition.

          Warner Auto Meter clock to suit coke bottle speedo any condition.

          Grade Meters brass preferred, circia 1900 - 1910

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