Lamp Restoration

I have, by need, developed skills in the restoration of brass lamps, horns etc, particularly antique veteran brass lamps but also vintage nickel over brass as well.. I restore as opposed to re-manufacturing as many others do. It is my philosophy to retain where possible ALL of the original material produced by the particular manufacturer, not re-spin and replace. This process gives a truly "restored" lamp, Whilst it is true to say a reproduction lamp is as good (if not better than) the original it will always be a re-production! What I do is not always perfect to the point of comparing to brand new (though I do get very, very close!) it is however a restored lamp or horn not a recreation!

This practice is very painstaking and I produce many of my own tools to remove and reshape the dents and sharp lines caused by handling over the 100 or so years since these items were made. If necessary I remove the solder & rivets to get to the hard-to-get places and refashion replacement rivets when re-assembling the item. We have a supplier who re-makes slump glass and slump glass mirrors and we can if needed replace the burners and wicks. This is as far as I prefer to go in replacement items, the rest I prefer to restore rather than replace.

I do this on a hourly rate basis which is $A55.00 per hour (including GST for Australian residents) $A50 for international clients. After the item has been restored we package them up and send them to anywhere in the world by TNT door to door delivery.

We also purchase antique lamps (preferably in pairs) and horns to restore and re-sell, so if you have something  sitting around that you think would be better on a vehicle please let us know.

Chris is alway telling me I should take more photos so I can show people what it is I do. Below is a set of Lucas P100 headlights I recently restored for a 1936 Bently. These are painful lights to restore but the final result is stunnning. I now have another 2 sets of these to do!



I am currently working on a set of Rushmore headlights for a 1913 Detroiter, as well as 4 sets of  #106 Grey & Davis Headlights, 3 pairs of #934 G & D side lights and some #15 G & D tail lights for 1909 & 1910 Cadillac. I'll post photos as I get along.


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