Proudly 100% Australian owned family business with NO financial backing from overseas corporations!

We purchase our tyres based on the customers requirements primarily from the UK and USA but also from Japan and other countries depending on the type and use the customer requires.

 ·       Sale price:

Sale price depends on a number of items, primarily the current value of the Australian dollar against the currency we have or are purchasing in. The Australian and foreign governments also have a major say in the final value of the product. Some of the costs involved are listed below:

  •      Actual sale price

·       Internal freight in foreign countries

·       Export duties

·       Shipping cost to Australia

·       Customs cost

·       Import Duty

·       GST which is calculated on the total value of all of the above.

·       A small profit for Russell & Chris.

·       Orders:

 We can order any items that are not currently in stock, however we do ask for a 50% deposit to confirm your order. See shipping section below for details on timing.

·       Shipping:

There are two elements to shipping: internal and importing.

The internal is very easy, we contract TNT to do all our overnight, surface and international shipping, they afford us a very good rate which we pass on to you. Once your tyres (lamps or parts) are dispatched from our office we can track them right to your door.

Importing is a little more time consuming and as listed above does have to go through a few extra hoops before we can dispatch them to you. Depending on where the tyre (or lamps and parts) is coming from, times vary for importing from 4 to 12 weeks. We have contacts with companies who are regularly importing containers from most of the major ports throughout the world. If you need it we can get it!

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